We survived the first week of 6th grade!


┬áCongratulations! You survived the first week of 6th grade. Overcoming locker anxiety, meeting new friends, getting used to teacher’s routines can be difficult but you all did wonderfully. I look forward to getting to know you all this school year.

Here is the week in review:
We compiled a list of safety rules we thought would apply in our classroom.
Our hide-n-go-seek game to help Mrs. Gregory learn your names was fun!
We started to use science equipment

Next week we’ll continue to work on measuring mass, volume, and length and learn to convert them to different SI units of measurement.

Welcome to Science!

5967234You have arrived at Mrs. Gregory’s science blog. Welcome to another fun year of middle school science. I look forward to seeing all the old faces and meeting new ones. This blog is for all of you to discuss what we have been doing in class and ask any questions that you may have.

There are a few rules that apply to this blog.
Rule #1
When making a post, ONLY USE YOUR first name and last initial. Your comment WILL NOT be posted if you put your last name.
Rule #2
Comments must be appropriate for school. Any inappropriate comments will not be published.

The 1st week will be review and introduction to general science topic. Including classroom rules, science safety, science tools, introduction to inquiry and measurement.